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We the ALAM LUALUAT ALKHALEEJ LLC., and with full knowledge of the act of fraud, and as “Seller”, declare with full corporate responsibility and authority, that we are ready, willing and able to provide the following product as stated below to the “Buyer”, following international procedures.








PRICE: $ 285 / MT CIF

PAYMENT TERMS: Cost and Freight included at Port of Fujairah UAE, Payment by TT/Wire Transfer. Security deposit by DLC

DELIVERY TERMS: 20-30 days upon receipt and acceptance of the Financial Procedures and DLC to the Seller
INSPECTION: By SGS or equivalent at loading port at Seller’s expense and at destination
Port at buyer’s expense


All costs at loading port are at Seller’s expense. All costs at unloading port are on Buyer’s expense.
1. We will supply your request and price at CIF Fujairah.

2. Buyer Deposit in the bank for penalty situation is $ 40,000 in the case of cancelation by buyer or by any causes of the buyer’s remorse or refusal to buy before loading Port and Withdrawable by seller immediately. the seller is allowed to withdraw $40,000 of the customer’s remuneration fine without any restrictions.

3. And in the case of issuing BL in origin or later is not possible to cancel the order and seller can release LC (full amount of order) in his benefit.

4. In the case of changing the kind of barrels or in general packing should note by seller, otherwise based on seller packing type. After checking the quality by buyer at destination should not be taken an action by exception in damages and should be based on majorities.

5. Our first supply will be on 5000 MT. but from the second order or second part of long term order there is possibility from seller to expand supplying quantity as buyer request and provided that the buyer has the ability to deposit the requested amount.

6. After reading SCO by buyer and stamp and signing it, which is a complete confirmation, the buyer will send and email it to the seller.

7. For Security deposit by DLC buyer needs: a copy of LOI, SCO, AGREEMENT and PERFORMA and any other documents which asked by bank.

8. 20-30 days is for supplying counts from the date of depositing LC by buyer in exchange and show and submit proof to the seller.

9. The shipping or vessel is introduced by SELLER if Failures to provide the shipping that the SELLER chooses will constitute confirmation by the BUYER. That means, BUYER has given the SELLER full authority on his own responsibility.


1. BUYER issues LOI or ICPO along with full exchange financial guarantee. Seller reviews the LOI
and other documents and upon acceptance issues the SCO for the Buyer to
review and accept and sign.

2. After the BUYER signs and seals the SCO and agrees with the terms, returns signed
SCO to the SELLER.

3. After all negotiations and discussions between parties have reached a common arrangement
the SELLER issues the final copy of the Main Contract Agreement for final signing and sealing by
the BUYER.

4. After the contract is signed and sealed by both parties, SELLER issues Performa Invoice and sends to the BUYER.

5. BUYER gives a copy of LOI, SCO, FINAL AGREEMENT and PERFORMA and deposit the amount in Bank and submit the proof and BL to the BUYER to activate the deal.

5.Finally the delivery and shipment begin after all the procedures between parties are authorized
by finalizing the contract with the specified terms and conditions.

General Manager