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اطلاعات آگهی
Specifications: High-strength glassware in various designs. High quality raw materials. Stylish, beautiful and pleasant.
Country: Iran
Transaction status: Call
packing: Cartoon
unit: Number
Company: Yazd Contained Glass Company
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آدرس (Address):

Tehran, at the end of Imam Ali North Highway, Oshan Blvd., Shahid Mozhdi St., No. 4, Kaveh Building


Glass is an amorphous solid, which has a wide range of practical, technical, and decorative applications, including in window frames, the optics industry, and optical electronics. Glass is usually made by sudden cooling of its molten shape. The most famous and oldest known glass is "silicate glass" which is composed of "silica", the basic material of sand.

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Phone: 0212910029490

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